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Organization Name: Gift of Life Family House

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The Home Cook Heroes program provides a much-needed support service to families who often don’t have the time, resources or energy to prepare a healthy, home-cooked meal. Family House meals are served each evening and brunch is served on the weekends. There are opportunities to make baked goods on off peak hours as well!

How Does Home Cook Heroes Work?

Dinner: Every night at 6 pm

Brunch: Weekends only at 10 am

Baking: Every day at off-peak hours

*Groups of up to 10 people can provide, prepare (on or off site) and serve a meal for our transplant families. (Please note: If you have children coming to volunteer, we ask that you have one adult for every three children under the age of 18.)

*Groups are only required to bring the ingredients for the meal. The Family House will provide all the tools you’ll need to prepare the meal in our fully-equipped kitchen complete with 4 ovens, stoves, microwaves, and sinks. We will also provide plates, platters, utensils, etc. (Please note that limited kitchen/pantry items are available. Be sure to notify the Family House in advance if there is anything specific you will require.)

*The amount of servings needed per meal depends on Family House guest occupancy. Group leaders will be notified prior to their scheduled date with an estimated headcount. (Based on our current occupancy over the past several weeks, we usually range from 40-50 people per night.)

Guidelines, sign up forms, and the calendar of dates are located here:

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