O.O.P.S. stands for Out of the Ordinary Personal Service. The Starfish OOPS award is designed to recognize the elementary school student who engages in an isolated act or series of acts that originate with the child, from which the child has no expectation of receiving a greater benefit.



Starfish OOPSt award winners will receive a package in the mail containing a customized OOPS Award certificate and an item to show off their accomplishment. All OOPSters will receive personal recognition of their good deeds. Where possible, winners of the Starfish OOPS award will receive recognition through community sources.




Several OOPS awards are given out on a rolling basis.






Tell. Tell a grown up about your service and your grown up can be your OOPS tipster.


Click here to be an OOPS tipster and “tell on your OOPSter”.




Completing this webform notifies the Starfish Project for Children of your youngster’s service. We will then contact the tipster to confirm the tip.


Winners of the Starfish OOPS awards, Starfish OOPSters, will be notified by mail to their homes. We will ask for the home address during the confirmation contact.