The Starfish Service Award is given to a student who undertakes an original idea for community service, or, engages in an existing community  service effort in an original way. The Starfish Service Award is awarded to up to two middle school students per year.


1.  Community recognition through local media

2.  Induction into the Starfish Project for Children Honor Roll and an invitation to an exclusive reception at which SPFC Honor Roll candidates will be inducted

3.  An unrestricted cash award




Winners will be notified in May of each year.






There is a nomination process online. Briefly, this is what you will need:

a.  Two nominators: (at least one unrelated to you)

You or someone related to you can serve as one of your nominators, the other nominator cannot be related to you. For example, you and a teacher can nominate you; or two teachers can nominate you; or, your parent and a neighbor can nominate you. You may need to tell someone what great service you did and ask that person to nominate you.

b.  Completed Nomination Forms

The Nomination Form for the Starfish Seeds Award can be accessed by clicking on this link. Basically the nominator will need to describe the service that the nominee accomplished and we will need to list a source for verification of your service. In addition, the nominator will have the option to provide a narrative in support of your nomination.



If you are under age 13, click here to fill out a Nomination form.

If you are 13 or older, click here to fill out a Nomination form.