About Us

Aeryn Fenton, Founder


Aeryn is a mom, an avid volunteer and a lawyer. Aeryn has been actively involved in different types of community service her entire adult life. Her engagement has ranged from one time volunteer to chairperson of non-profit boards. Aeryn firmly believes that as much as service can benefit its recipient, it generally benefits the individual doing the service more.  She started the Starfish Foundation for Children to spread the word.


Bruce Fenton, Founder

Bruce has been working in the Philadelphia business community since his graduation from Harvard Law School in 1990. Since the beginning of his professional career, Bruce has consistently engaged in volunteer civic service, including serving currently as Chair of the Board of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.  Although born in New York, he is proud to be a Philadelphian and understands the value to the Greater Philadelphia Region in engaging our youth in service early so that they grow into being civic minded adults.


Rhonda Feder, Best Friend of The Starfish Project for Children

Rhonda Feder met Aeryn and Bruce “in playgroup” when both of their now college aged sons were three months old. The families have been fast friends from the start. Rhonda was essential in helping to conceptualize the Starfish Project for Children. Rhonda’s vision and planning are reflected in the design, operation and goals of the Starfish Project for Children. Rhonda holds a law degree and a Masters Degree in Education. Currently, she teaches Social Studies and Science at Northwood Academy Charter School in Philadelphia.



Friends of The Starfish Project for Children

Karen Yee

Chelsea Ennis

Abby Contract

Judy Vietri

Douglas Young

Rebecca Wagner

William and Vivian Seltzer

Margie Perilstein

Gail Slogoff